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  • FluiBall – 8.0 kg – 17.6 lb

    The FluiBall 8 kg can be offered to female athletes who have a very good base of strength and body control. For this  the staff of Preparazione Fisica Education reserves the right to sell this type of equipment at technical centers, and professionals such as coaches, personal trainers have the full right to decide what […]

  • FluiBall – 7.0 kg – 15.4 lb

    The FluiBall from 7 kg to rise may be used only by experienced trainers who know their physical abilities. For this  the staff of Preparazione Fisica Education reserves the right to sell this type of equipment at technical centers, and professionals such as coaches, personal trainers have the full right to decide what kind of exercises […]

  • FluiBall 1.0 Kg – 2.2lb

    As for the FLUIBALL 0.5 kg, the FLUIBALL 1 kg is primarily intended for a job physiotherapy and rehabilitation of the upper limbs, in the case that patients are adults but can likewise be included in a program of physical activity of basis in primary schools. The instability generated by the fluid will immediately FluiBall one […]

  • FluiBall – 0.5kg – 0.01lb

    The use of FLUIBALL ® 0.5 kg is considered mainly for a physiotherapy activities, especially for the upper limbs. The ability to fully grasp the FluiBall ® makes it less unstable movement of the liquid in it, so it will be much easier to control and use all the movements of the upper limbs.   […]

  • Volleyball – improves the jump with the Split Squat

    The staff of Preparazione Fisica Education this week offers an exercise with the necessary modifications can be used by junior categories up to the first team on volleyball club. The ability to perform the operation without the use of overloads but by inserting between the two phases of a phase jump isometric will allow us to […]

  • Mistake to injuries in volleyball

    In observing an athlete perform a technical act or a single movement on the volleyball court or in the weight room, as it can be a lunge or a folding arms, any technician can now highlight those that are considered macro errors, ie errors serious that can adversely affect the performance of the global movement. […]

  • 3 exercises for Strengthening legs skier

    The lower limbs are undoubtedly the backbone of exercise of the skier. Their expansion is essential both in terms of budget, both in terms of performance. At the same time it promotes the normal fitness activities such as gymnastics presciistica with exercises that have nothing to do with the modern skiing. The skier, is the […]

  • Lifting the Hip with FluiBall

    After proposing an exercise for the lower limbs (lunge FluiBall), this time the staff of Preparazione Fisica Education offers an exercise for the Core area ( Hip Area ). But before you see the execution of the exercise we explore what this area includes CORE. CORE area: The term indicates Core is the core of our […]

  • Stabilizes your shoulder with FluiBall 3kg

    The injury or shoulder pain can be considered one of the most present symptoms in most sports, especially those in contact, such as rugby, American football, soccer or basketball, to “launch” as may be the basaball, or of impact with the tool as in the case of the tennis and volleyball. For many years the […]